Agriculture and farming

We have worked as agricultural Accountants for over 20 years for farmers in the region, we take time to understand the needs of the farmer. Our approach to farming businesses recognises your unique circumstances.

Farming, unlike many other businesses, is a specialist area with unique practices and conventions, we recognise that farming is not just a business to our clients, but a way of life.

Specific areas relating to farming that we cover:

  • Guidance on the purchase and sale of property and land.
  • All decisions have tax implications – we can advise on the most tax effective route to take.
  • What are the tax implications of diversification? What are the pros and cons of entering a new market? What is the optimum trading structure?
  • We provide cost-effective VAT, payroll and book-keeping services for farming clients.
  • We can assist with the planning of the 'next generation handover’.

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